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Steven Abeyta FICF

License # 0G68153 







Not Only Do the Seasons Change

November is the month of change.  School is in full swing, holidays are approaching, annual quotas and calendar deadlines are becoming concerns, itís time to put away the summer toys, and taxes are approaching.

Well, the Knights of Columbus are making changes too.  Periodically, the Field Agents are reassigned to keep pace with the growth of the order.  In this case, I will sorrowfully be giving up the three councils in Vallejo. (874- St.Vincent, 13271- St. Basil, and 14836 St. Catherine)  Your new agent will be Steven Naratil of neighboring council 7268 ĖSt. Dominic in Benicia.  Steven joined the Field Agent ranks in November 2012 and currently is the highest ranked agent in the Sacramento Diocese.  I was responsible for introducing him to this vocation as a Field Agent within the Cabral Agency.  Since he lives in Benicia, you will see him more often and at more events than I could ever attend.  This transition should take place on January 1, 2014.  In the meantime, I will continue to call on the members in Vallejo and provide the services you require.

The second change is regarding Long Term Care.  If you are interested in Long Term Care provided by the Knights of Columbus or have a current policy, we need to talk before the end of the year.  Older policies will not be affected but new policies written after January 1, 2014 will have fewer options.  As in the past, I do not anticipate any price increases but I canít predict your health.  It could change overnight.  So today, is the best day to become more informed about your Long Term Care options.  

     I will be calling every member in Vallejo to wish you well and discuss your benefits.  Please be generous with your time as I make sure I reach everyone to say Ė goodbye and God Bless.


Fraternally, Your Brother and Field Agent,


Steven Abeyta FICF

License # 0G68153

e-mail : 



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