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Birthday Celebrants

Happy Birthday!!!



Jesus Abalos


Dani Ignacio

Ronaldo Bolanos


Patrick Maher

Eduardo Datiles


Thomas Mc Gowan

Baltazar Dispo


Jason Pascual

Sirilo Gonzales


Ismael Rayos Del Sol

Porfirio Hilario

Luis Resma

Rolando Manansala


Michael Turrini

Rolando Regala



Jose Respicio


Joselito Vicedo





Happy Birthday!!!


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Annual Golf Tournament - 2019

The 2019 Annual Golf Tournament sponsored by Vallejo Council 874 was held on September 21,2019 at Blue Rock Spring Golf Course (West).  Brother Alex Ragonton (PFN, PGK) served as the Tournament Director and as in the past had very successfully handled the event.  A fairly good number of golfers participated in the tournament.  Additional details on the tournament results will be published on this site later.  Meanwhile, below are pictures of participating golf players (and organizers).

















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Joint Installation of 2019 Council Officers

The Joint Installation of 2019 Council Officers under District 16 was gekd on July 6, 2019.  The event was sponsored by St Catherine of Siena Council 14836 and was held at the St Catherine School gym.  The installation ceremony was officiated by District Deputy Hector Poblete.  The event was attended by friends and families of Council officers from Vallejo Council 874, Fr Villarasa Council 7268, St Basil the Great Council 13271 and St Catherine of Siena Council 14836.  The installation ceremony started promptly at 10:00 am followed by fellowship lunch and a short program.

The newly installed officers of Vallejo Council 874 for Columbian Year 2019-2020.




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2018 Golf Tournament

by Brother Alex Ragonton

We had another successful golf tournament.  Although the net proceeds were not as good as the previous years, the event gave us another opportunity to work as a team and achieve the results that we set out to accomplish. The lesser number of players than planned is attributable to conflict in schedules with other organizations that also hold tournaments.  Iíll try to do a better job coordinating the schedule next year.  Nevertheless, we once again exemplified the principles of charity by virtue of our donation of money, goods and time, and fraternity and unity by the display of outstanding teamwork throughout the various phases of this worthwhile project.  It is a big win for our council and those that will benefit from the funds that we raised.


As always, the crew at Christopher Hall that set up for the reception, prepared the food and did the after care did an outstanding job.  The crew included Ric Umali, Modesto Superticioso, Tony McGrath, Anthony Mills, Frank Palmaymesa, Alex Lacanilao, WGK Benny Beltran (who also did the photography detail), WDD Hector Poblete and others.  Alex Agan and Jessie Nuval helped wherever they were needed, including the golf course where they set up the banner, picking up the steaks for Travis and assisting the reception crew.  Registration and welcoming crew at the golf course were Sonny Santos, Ed Lim, Alex Lacanilao, Benny Beltran, Dani Ignacio, Hector Poblete, Pepe Nacionales, James Lake and others.  The two scorers, Sonny Santos and Pepe Nacionales did a commendable job with their calculators. 


Lastly, but not the least, three of our council ladies, Lydia Palmaymesa, Goodie Nacionales and Elsa Ragonton, spent the whole day at the Christopher Hall making sure that things went smoothly. We sincerely appreciate your support ladies.


Again, to all who helped and supported this project in any manner, please give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done.  If I missed mentioning your name and you were present at the sites on the tournament day or for your in-kind donation, please accept my apology for the oversight.  Thank you all!!! 


-Brother Alex Ragonton, Tournament Chairperson



Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament 2018

Financial Statement


   Golf Entry Fee (32 players X $100.00)                                          3200.00

   Cash Donations                                                                                  2645.00

   Total Revenue                                                                                  $5845.00       


   Blue Rock Springs Tournament Fee                                             $1334.00

   Trophies                                                                                                 216.75

   Food (Steak And Chicken)                                                                  317.52

   Miscellaneous Supplies                                                                         59.75

   Costco (photos)                                                                                     16.58

   Total Expenses                                                                                $1994.60


Net Revenue                                                                                $3900.40

Golf Tournament Cash Donations

Donor                         Amount                                  Donor                         Amount

Albert Floresca                 $200                                   Leo Mangoba                  $100

Joe Elumba                         200                                   Ding Sagala                       100

John Cummings                  185                                   Tony McGrath                   100

Dr Editha Aquino                100                                   Ed Lim                               100

Modesto Superticioso        100                                   Fernando Farol                  120

Lou McDermott                  100                                  Aurelio Soriano                  100

Sonny Santos                      100                                  Rome Avelino                      60

Pepe Nacionales                100                                  Ed Megia                             50

Joseph Lapid                      100                                  Bert Salvador                       50

Frank Palmaymesa             100                                  Sam Garcia                          50 

Alex Agan                           100                                  James Lake                          50

Gil De Leon                         100                                  Rusty Alvarez                      30

Benny Beltran                     100                                Bobby Bautista                      25

Dani Ignacio                        100                                Manny Limcolioc                   25

Total Cash Donations:                       $2,645.00


In-Kind Donations

Donor                                                             Donor

Lydia Palmaymesa      Green Salad                Jhun Antonio               Beer                                       

Norilyn Santos             Cake                            Dani Ignacio                Beer

Elsa Ragonton             Pinapaitan                   Lou McDermott          Beer

Anthony Mills              Chili                             Ed Lim                         Eggs, Bananas, Paper bags

Ric Umali                    Beer                            Hector Poblete            Water

Ed Dayrit                     Beer                            Efren Lunar                 Nutrition bars

Vickie Lake                  Soda and misc.            Alex Lacanilao             Potato salad



Hermie Sunga                                     Joel Cruz                                  Dennis __

Paul Latonio                                        Jojo Maristela                         Len Leano

Jesse Fortson                                       Bobby Bautista                       Lope Leano                             

Winston Cruz                                       Nilo Umadhay                         Paul Tamoro

Alex Innocentes                                   Numer Tamoro                       Rollie Caabay

Percy Guba                                          Lawrence Briones                   Reggie Pagmanua

Romy Mangoba                                  Jeffrey Ragonton                     Robert Nati

Roi Ladringan                                      Jess Malgapo                          Bob Gallegos

Freddie Sebastian                               Rey Vito                                   Sam Lusadas

Ben Valdez                                          Romy Moscardon                    Dan Buan

Josef Soriano                                       Noel Bautista


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Wheelchair For A Brother

Brother Frank Palmaymesa, a long standing member of Vallejo Council 874 presented a wheelchair from the Knights of Columbus American Wheelchair Mission to one of our most senior member, Brother John Baptista.  Brother John, who will turn 90 in October 2017, is an Honorary Life member and had been with the Council since 1949, that is a whopping 68 years of service.  Brother Frank is also an Honorary Life member with 39 years of service to the Knights of Columbus.

Brother John Baptista is all smiles sitting on the wheelchair pCresented by Broterh Frank Palmaymesa from the Knights of Columbus American Wheelchair Mission. (photo by GK Benny Beltran)



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Serving Breakfast at Christian Help Center

Every first Saturday of the month, Brother Knights of Council 874 prepare and serve breakfast for residents and guests of Christian Help Center.  This is an activity supported by members and ladies of Council 874.  Breakfast is prepared and cooked at Christopher Hall and then transported to CHC.

Brother Knights of Council 874 (above) prepare and cook breakfast.

At Christian Help Center, Brother Knights and ladies of Council 874 ready to serve breakfast.

Women and children gets served first.

Delicious hot breakfast for all to ejnoy!



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2017 Council Officers - Joint Installation Ceremony

The 2017 Joint Installation of Council Officers under District 16 was held on July 8, sponsored by Vallejo Council 874.  The installation cermony, officiated by District Deputy Hector Poblete was held at the Lower Level of Memorial Hall across the street from St Vincent Catholic Church.  The installation ceremony was attended by the members and families from the four Councils under District 16 (Vallejo Council 874, Fr Villarasa Council 7268, St Basil the Great Council 13271and St Catherine of Siena Council 14836).

Council 874 Officers and members with their family with Fr Vic Teneza at the installation ceremony.  Fr Vic Teneza is the Pastor of St Vincent Ferrer Parish and Faithful Chaplain of Vallejo Council 874.




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2017 Fourth of July Parade

The Color Corps of Mark G Thompson Assembly 2548 participated in the July 4th celebration of Independence Day.  Brother Knights of Vallejo Council 874, St Basil the Great Council 13271 and St Catherine of Siena Council 14836 are represented in the Color Corps of Mark G Thompson Asseymbly.  The families of Vallejo Council 874 joined in the parade too.  After the parade, the Brother Knights and their families were treated to a barbecue at Christopher Hall where everybody had fun.

Brother Knights and ladies of Council 874 at the parade assembly area.

Color Corps members and Sir Knights of Mark G Thompson Assembly 2548 before the parade start.

MGTA Color Corps participating in the parade.

GK Benny Beltran (middle) and the K of C contingent on the parade.

The Color Corps of MGTA on the march.

After the parade, taking a breather at the Christopher Hall.

Brother Knights and ladies of Council 874 waiting for barbecue.

Brother Knights and ladies of Council 874 all smiles after a happy 4th of July!



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Sunday Brunch After Church Service

Brother Knights and ladies of Council 874 regularly enjoy fellowship brunch at Christopher Hall after church service every fourth Sunday of the month.  This is a potluck event and everyone attending the 10:00 am mass are invited.

Brother Knights and ladies of Council 874 after the 10:00 am mass.

Good food for all to enjoy!



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New Set of Officers for Columbian Year 2017-2018

A new set of officers who will lead Council were elected during the last Council meeting held June 6, 2017.  Per Council 874 by-laws, the officers serve a 2-year term.  Below is the list of Council 874 Officers for CY 2017-2018.


Rev Fr Vicente Teneza

Grand Knight

Benny Beltran

Deputy Grand Knight

James Lake


Efren Lunar

Financial Secretary

Rolando Santos


Leonardo Mangoba


Eduardo Lim


Frank Palmaymesa


Juanito Legaspi


Oliver Olson

Inside Guard

Ricardo Umali

Outside Guard

Benito Abisia

One-year Trustee

Louis McDermott Sr

Two-year Trustee

Alex Ragonton

Three-year Trustee

Menandro Miraflor


The positions of Chaplain, Financial Secretary and Lecturer are not elected.


The joint installation of officers for the 4 councils under District 16 will be held on July 8 at the lower level of Memorial Hall.  Installation ceremonies will begin at 10:00  to be followed by a fellowship lunch.  This year's installation of officers will be hosted by Council 874.


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Safe Environment Program

To protect our children from potential predators, the Knights of Columbus and the Diocese of Sacramento entered into a memorandum of understanding that states: "Members of the Knightsof Columbus who wish to volunteer in parish activities nd/or K of C activities on parish property must comply with the following requirements:

  • Undergo a live scan finger printing
  • Complete the "Shield the Vulnerable" training available online at no cost

These requirements apply to all Knights participating in activities on parish property.  The requirements do not apply when attending council or assembly meetings on parish grounds.  To facilitate the finger printing requirement, a mobile Live Scan Unit will provide finger printing services on March 18, 2017, 10:00am to 11:00am at Fr Garrigan Rm, St Basil Church.  Cost is $12 per member if at least 15 members participate.


The online training is available at this site - http://www.shieldthevulnerable.org.  Be sure to indicate your parish and Council name and number on the form.



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